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Dirty Filters: The Silent AC Destroyer

Have you ever decided to leave a dirty filter in a little longer? You’re not alone. Many people prolong changing their AC filter for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons is that they think the filter can last longer than suggested. Unfortunately, no matter what the reason is, you’d be exposing your AC to an unexpected breakdown. Here is how that could happen.

1. Air Conditioner Gets Clogged

The purpose of a filter is to trap dirt, dust, and other harmful particles, so they aren’t recycled into the air in your home. Eventually, all of these particles, microscopic or otherwise, create a blanket of dirt across the filter.

When this happens, the filter can’t “breathe,” meaning that air can’t get through the filter. It’s clogged, and this essentially means that the AC unit can’t do its job. After all, it can’t cool air that isn’t blowing through it.

2. The AC Doesn’t Cool the Air

When an AC gets clogged, it can no longer perform its essential function. Think about it – if no air is getting through the AC because of a clogged filter, then the AC has nothing to cool. You’ll essentially be running your AC for no reason.

There are two other issues that stem from a clogged filter, and these two lead to the third point below. The first is a higher electric bill. You’ll be running your AC longer because you’re trying, and ultimately failing, to get your house cool.

The second is an overworked AC. As your AC struggles to cool air, it works harder and harder. An AC can only overwork itself for so long before the inevitable happens -system failure.

3. A Busted AC and a Busted Wallet

Allowing your AC to run with a dirty filter is bad enough. If you continue to run it to the point where it’s no longer cooling, it’s going to break. This usually occurs in the form of the coils and condenser freezing up. If this happens and they break, you’re going to spend a lot more than the cost of filters to fix the AC.

Change AC Filters Regularly to Avoid Disaster

It’s a disaster when you have to spend unnecessary money fixing something that didn’t have to break. It’s even worse if it happens during the summer in the 90-degree Jonesboro heat. Save yourself some trouble and change your filters regularly. If you need help, or if your AC breaks, don’t worry. You can always call Elite Climate Control Heat and Air for prompt HVAC service.