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Brandi Rapert
Brandi Rapert
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" Thanks to Mike at Elite Climate Control for getting to us fast and working hard to get us up and running with air again. Myself and all of my employees here at the Super8 hotel in Paragould appreciate all the hard work you put in. Thank you so much I will recommend you to everyone. "
Shelbi Pollard
Shelbi Pollard
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" These guys are absolutely amazing!! My husband called this morning. He came out at eleven and had us a new furnace unit installed in no time!! Thank you so much for making it where our family can stay at our house tonight!! Such a blessing!! "
Angela Page
Angela Page
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" They were here when we needed them even on a Sunday. Helped us get some air till we could replace the unit. They came and replaced to unit on time and worked till the job was done. I think they are a business of there word. I would recommend them to fix your air or heat. "
Alex Garrison
Alex Garrison
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" Mike was very professional. He made a house call at 11 pm then followed up the next morning to make sure everything was still going smoothly. I have never been more satisfied with a company. He was extremely time efficient, while maintaining a superb work ethic. I would rate this company 10/10 and recommend it to anyone who needs their air/heat unit worked on. "
Jennifer LeAnn
Jennifer LeAnn
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" I can't say enough about how great this business is. He went above and beyond to make sure my kids and I had air. He has checked more than once to make sure everything is still working properly. Very impressed. "

Heater Repair and Replacement in Jonesboro, AR

Your home’s safety and comfort in winter depend on a properly functioning heating system. At Elite Climate Control Heat and Air, we offer top-notch heater repair in Jonesboro, AR and the surrounding area. Our trustworthy heating company offers fast service, so you won’t have to wait long for a furnace or heat pump repair in Jonesboro, AR. We answer our phones 24/7, and our professional technicians arrive at your home as quickly as possible to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix your heating system issues. The benefits of choosing us for your heating system repairs include

Quality Heating System Services

Heating systems are complicated. It’s better to trust a professional with heat pump and furnace repair in Jonesboro, AR for your safety and your peace of mind. Our dedicated technicians will help you find the best solution for your broken, worn-out or inefficient heating system. We’re honest about whether it’s a better economical choice to repair or replace a furnace or heat pump. Our technicians answer any questions you have, and we never try to sell you costly services or parts that you don’t need.


Contact our team today for heater repair and replacement in Jonesboro, AR: (870) 273-8056!

Heating Repairs in Jonesboro, AR

Our Elite Climate Control Heat and Air technicians offer thorough heater repairs in Jonesboro, AR and throughout Northeast Arkansas. Although heat pumps and furnaces heat homes with few issues, a malfunction can occur. Nearly all heating issues can be repaired by our skilled technicians. It’s important to address any heating system problems in your Jonesboro, AR home with our Elite Climate Control Heat and Air technicians as soon as possible. The problems won’t solve themselves, and operating a malfunctioning heating system is a risk to your safety and well-being. Heating system issues may also disrupt your comfort and cause your utility bills to increase.

There are many common heating system problems that can occur in a furnace or heat pump. Some of these are: 

In a furnace, a pilot light that intermittently goes out suggests that the hot surface igniter or gas valve may need repair. The sensor may be dirty and in need of a thorough cleaning. Pilot light and burner issues may cause carbon monoxide leaks. A seal failure or obstruction in the flue may also cause carbon monoxide gas to build up in your home. Heat pumps operate with electricity, so they don’t have a pilot, burner or flue. However, their coils may freeze.

All types of heating systems may suffer from lukewarm air or restricted airflow. In many cases, restricted airflow comes from a dirty filter. A malfunctioning thermostat can interfere with any type of heating system.

For professional and reliable heater repair and replacement in Jonesboro, AR, call (870) 273-8056 today to schedule!

Jonesboro, AR Heater Replacement

At Elite Climate Control Heat and Air, we offer affordable heater replacement in Jonesboro, AR. In some instances, it’s more affordable to replace an aged, inefficient or failing heating system than it is to repair it. Consider a heating replacement in Jonesboro, AR if your heater:

New heating systems offer high energy efficiency. They cost less to operate, so you’ll save money each month on heating costs. New heat pumps and furnaces offer variable-speed motors for consistent comfort. They also operate more quietly than older units.

Reliable and Available When You Need Us

You need a properly functioning heating system to maintain your comfort and safety and to protect your home. Our reliable technicians expertly diagnose, repair and install furnaces, heat pumps and thermostats. We’ll show you how to use a new system and make the most of its features. If your heating system has an issue, we’re available day and night, all year long, to assist you. To schedule a heating system repair or learn about our installation and replacement services in Jonesboro, AR, call Elite Climate Control Heat and Air at (870) 273-8056 today.

We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction on every job

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