Closeup of heater exhaust fan inside of furnace

Signs You Probably Missed That Your HVAC Blower Motor Is on the Fritz

In Jonesboro, AR, the temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter and exceed 90 degrees in the summer, so you need a reliable heating and air system. Your HVAC system depends on its ability to circulate air through your home, which includes drawing in air, conditioning it, and then pushing it back out again. The circulating fan is the component responsible for moving the air through your home and system. Consider these signs that you probably missed that your blower motor is on the fritz.

Unusual Noises

There are several ways your HVAC blower motor may fail, and each could emit a different sound. Sounds you may encounter include squealing like a loose belt on a car, rattling, grinding, or vibrating. These sounds may indicate anything from the motor being unbalanced to failing bearings or something broken and rattling as it runs. If the sound is coming from the blower motor, it needs some attention, potentially a motor replacement.

Burning Smell

You should take note anytime you smell something burning because the smell indicates that something is overheating or worse. If your blower motor emits a burning smell, you may detect it anywhere there is a supply vent, so it can be difficult to trace back to the motor. A burning smell indicates the motor is overheating, which can be caused by anything from an electrical fault to frozen bearings. For your home’s safety, turn your system off if you smell something burning until you can have it evaluated.

Climbing Energy Bills

Your energy bills may climb due to increasing energy costs. However, your consumption should be fairly consistent for each month compared to the year prior. When your consumption is consistently higher each month, it’s a good indication something in your HVAC system isn’t working properly. It could be your blower motor failing to circulate enough air, leading to longer heating and cooling cycles.

Poor Supply Vent Airflow

Are you getting enough air from your supply vents? It’s easy to tell by simply standing barefoot in front of the vent and seeing how well you can feel the air. Low or no airflow from your vents indicates a problem. When a blower motor fails, it may not spin as quickly or may fail to spin at all, which causes the airflow issues.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A problem with your blower motor may cause excessive energy draw. If it gets bad enough, it’ll cause your circuit breaker to trip. Don’t try to force it to stay on, and get a professional to identify the cause and resolve it.

Stop wasting your money and straining your HVAC system by running a failing blower motor. Call to schedule your heating or AC repair with the expert technicians at Elite Climate Control Heat and Air in Jonesboro today.