When To Consider AC Replacement

Residents in the Jonesboro community know that life without a functioning air conditioner can be grueling. But what most are very sure of is when to think about a replacement AC rather than repairing their existing unit. It is always very tempting to continue with the more reasonably priced repairs rather than making a significant investment in a new air conditioner. But it is essential to look at the mounting cost of repairs compared to the cost of a replacement. In addition, it is vital to consider the drop in the operating price when you purchase a new air conditioner. The added energy efficiency of a new AC will save you money each month as it uses far less energy than your older model.

Signs That Your Home’s AC Has Seen Better Days

 Even if your AC has not failed, there are several indications that it is past its prime. And if you continue to count on the system to cool your home, you will be in for a very unpleasant surprise in the future. And once that happens, you are at the mercy of the weather and the availability of your HVAC expert to restore the cool airflow to your home. And of course, there is the inconvenience of that surprise bill for a new AC unit. Some of the common signs that the end is near for your AC include:

  • The unit is blowing warm air or less cool air
  • Little air is coming from the registers
  • The cooled air smells odd or foul
  • There is a significant increase in the humidity level in your home
  • You discovered a refrigerant leak near the AC equipment
  • There are awful banging and rattling sounds when the AC unit turns on or is operating
  • The AC is not responding to changes in the thermostat
  • You have reached more than 15 years of service from the AC system
  • Your energy bills have been steadily increasing when the air conditioner is operating
  • There have been several AC issues that have required professional repair throughout the season

All of these are reasons to begin considering the cost of a replacement AC unit. It is also the time to decide if you are interested in changing the type or size of the AC system to maximize your satisfaction when you purchase a replacement.

The Financial Benefits Of A New AC

While you might like the idea of a new air conditioner that eliminates your concerns and worry for over a decade, it is almost always a dollar and cents decision. And homeowners need to remember that there are several rewards for replacing that aging AC unit.

  • Decreased Operating Cost – Older air conditioners begin to show their age in various ways. But the most upsetting can be the increased operating cost. You find that the unit is running almost non-stop to keep your home cool. And there is a significant cost increase due to the added energy consumption. Unfortunately, not much can be done other than a new, more energy-efficient unit installation.
  • Eliminating Repair Bills – While a repair bill of a few hundred dollars seems more manageable than a replacement of a few thousand dollars, those minor repairs can add up quickly. Knowing that you have a new unit covered by a warranty will eliminate those unexpected and sometimes costly repairs.

For a free price quote for a new air conditioner system, call (870) 273-8056. The certified AC experts will provide you with an all-inclusive cost for a fully warrantied AC replacement in your home. And we will provide a professional opinion on the current system’s life expectancy to help you make a well-informed choice.