Is It Time for a New Furnace?

If you’re like the majority of homeowners in Jonesboro, AR, you utilize a furnace to heat your home in the colder winter months. While furnaces do last between 10 and 15 years, they don’t last forever. If you’re noticing any of the following signs below, it’s time to consider a furnace replacement.

Your Furnace Is Over 15 Years Old

Most furnaces aren’t designed to last longer than 15 years. While you may have gotten lucky with your furnace lasting longer than the manufacturer’s lifespan, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be lucky forever. Now is the time to consider upgrading your existing furnace before it breaks down on you. When you plan ahead, you can ensure that you can cover the cost of a new system and aren’t going without heat when it’s freezing cold outside. Call Elite if you need a new furnace. Our technicians can help you install it.

Your Energy Bills Are Constantly Rising

As you utilize your furnace throughout the colder months of the year, it’s going to raise your energy bill. However, if you are starting to notice that your energy bill has starkly increased from last year, it may be due to the fact that your furnace isn’t working efficiently. As the internal components of your furnace start to deteriorate, they’ll require more energy to do the same job as before.

Your House Doesn’t Warm Up

You rely on your furnace to keep all the rooms of your home comfortably warm. If you start to notice that some of the rooms in your home just don’t seem to be warming up, regardless of how often your furnace runs, it could be a sign that it’s time to replace your furnace. Older, outdated single-speed blower furnaces are constantly struggling to keep up with our new heating demands.

It’s Making Odd Noises

While a noise here and there can be an indication of small problems that need to be addressed in your furnace, an abundance of noises can be a sign it’s time to upgrade. More specifically, noises, including clicking, humming, rattling, and popping can indicate that the internal components of your furnace are starting to go.

You’re Making Frequent Repairs

As your furnace enters the end of its lifespan, many of its internal components will start to go. If you’ve noticed that you’re constantly calling an HVAC technician to repair heater problems with your furnace on a regular basis, it’s an indication that you should consider upgrading to a new model. At some point, it’s not worth putting money into an outdated furnace. Rather, it’s better spent on putting a new furnace into your home.

All the above signs are great indications that it’s time to upgrade your existing furnace. You should consider upgrading at a time that’s convenient for you instead of waiting until your furnace no longer works. Be sure to contact our team at Elite to schedule your furnace replacement consultation appointment.