Where Is That Smell Coming From?

As winter rolls into Jonesboro, most homeowners know that they will be turning on their furnaces for the first use of the season. And with that much-needed warmth will come a somewhat stale and dusty odor. In some cases, you even plan to fire up the furnace during the day so that you can open the windows and air out the awful smell rather than allowing it to fill the house on that first cold night. But you also wonder, what is causing that foul smell? And is there any way to avoid it?

That Dusty Stale Odor

If you think that the first time you use your furnace, the whole house smells of hot dust, you are correct. What you are smelling is all the dust inside the furnace as it burns off and cleans the chamber. This is just one reason that an annual furnace inspection is recommended. Your HVAC expert will clean the dirt and dust from the inside of the unit and inspect for any damage or signs of wear and tear that could result in a failure.

The Smell Of Smoke

If you continue to smell an odor of smoke, there could be a serious electrical or mechanical issue. Turn off the unit at the thermostat and call for emergency service. There is a good chance you are smelling burning wiring or another problem related to a failure that could result in a significant fire or other hazards.

A Musty Odor Continues To Fill The House

If you continue to notice a musty smell each time the furnace runs, there could be mold and mildew contaminating the inside of the ducts. The constant odor indicates a moisture issue that promotes mold growth in the furnace or duct system and could be creating a severe health hazard. Anyone with allergies or asthma could be suffering from ongoing breathing issues due to exposure to these fungi. A professional duct cleaning is the best way to discover any mold or mildew present in the ducts. Then your HVAC expert can locate the source of the constant moisture to eliminate it and the mold issues.

Stale Cigarette Smoke

The stench of cigarette smoke is never appealing. It will permeate all the soft surfaces in your home, such as carpeting and furniture fabric. But it can also linger in the dust that is inside your home’s ductwork. If you smell cigarette smoke each time the furnace runs, it is a good indication that the ducts are coated in dust and need to be professionally cleaned. Once the dust is eliminated, the cigarette odor should also be removed.

The good news for homeowners is that all furnace odors can be eliminated with help from your HVAC professional. Cleaning the furnace and ducts before the heating season is the best way to avoid annoying odors and eliminate minor issues that could cause a failure of the heating system. Call (870) 273-8056 to schedule an appointment with the pros at Elite Climate Control Heat and Air.