Technician is checking air conditioner, measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

Noises That Signal Trouble for Your Air Conditioner

How can you determine whether your air conditioner is performing as it should? One way is to gauge the level of comfort in your home during the warm weather months. Are the rooms in your Jonesboro home cool and pleasant? Another way is to listen for telltale signs your air conditioner is struggling. Check out a few of the sounds that can indicate a problem with your AC.

A High-Pitched Screeching Sound

It’s hard to ignore an air conditioner making a screeching sound. Of course, screeching is not normal behavior for an air conditioning system! Think about when you hear the screeching. Does it happen right after your system kicks on, then stops? Or does it make this noise constantly? Our experienced technicians at Elite Climate Control Heat and Air factor this information into determining whether it’s the fan motor, compressor, or perhaps some worn-out bearings.

A Persistent Rattling

A persistent rattling noise can point to a variety of issues. There may be a loose part inside the system that begins vibrating whenever the AC kicks on. Our skilled technicians are experts at closely observing a home’s AC system to diagnose and repair the issue.

A Buzzing Noise That Just Doesn’t Quit

All of the noises on this list are important to address, but a buzzing noise is especially important to address because it may be related to loose wires or junctions somewhere within the system. Electrical issues can sometimes lead to fires, so it’s best to call Elite Climate Control Heat and Air right away. We can send a capable technician out to your Jonesboro home to take a look and determine the reason behind the buzzing noise.

A Hissing Sound

It’s not unusual for an air conditioner to make some level of hissing or whooshing noises. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to get used to a certain amount of whooshing from your AC on those 90-degree days in July! Normal hissing sounds are made by the air passing through the system. However, a loud hissing noise is a sign something is amiss.

Think of what it sounds like to hear air rushing out of a hole in a tire. This is not a sound an air conditioner should be making. This hissing could be a result of a hole or crack in a tube. If leaking refrigerant is involved, there may be a gurgling sound along with the hissing noise. This issue needs to be diagnosed and fixed so that your AC can work at its most efficient level.

If you’re hearing some strange noises coming from your AC, give our team of technicians at Elite Climate Control Heat and Air a call today!