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5 Ways That Spring AC Maintenance Improves Efficiency

Your AC plays an essential role in maintaining the comfort of your home. Since summers in Jonesboro, AR can get pretty hot and humid, it’s crucial that your home’s AC functions properly. Spring is an excellent time to evaluate the performance of your AC system to determine if it’s working efficiently. Here’s how spring AC maintenance can improve your unit’s efficiency.

1. Reduces Strain on the System

Dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other debris can accumulate in your AC unit over time. These pollutants can obstruct airflow. When airflow is obstructed, your AC will be forced to work harder, reducing its ability to efficiently cool your home.

During spring AC maintenance, an HVAC technician will clear any obstructions in your system that are inhibiting airflow. The HVAC technician will also check your AC unit for any signs of wear and tear and replace any worn-out components. These measures can stop your AC system from straining and can improve the efficiency of your system.

2. Reduces Energy Waste

A clogged or dirty AC unit may struggle to circulate air throughout your home. As a result, it may use more energy, leading to an increase in your cooling costs.

During spring AC maintenance, an HVAC technician will clean ducts and replace clogged or dirty filters, ensuring that air circulates freely throughout your home. This will not only lower your cooling costs, but it will also improve the air quality in your home.

3. Extends the Lifespan of the AC System

Your AC system works all year round to keep your home comfortable. Since your system runs almost constantly, its performance may decline over time as parts wear out, reducing its lifespan. Spring AC maintenance can ensure all worn-out components are replaced with new ones, which can help to prolong the lifespan of your system.

4. Checks the Accuracy of the Thermostat

Your thermostat regulates and monitors the temperature of your AC system, helping to keep your home comfortable. However, if it isn’t working properly, your AC won’t work efficiently.

During spring maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect your thermostat to ensure it’s providing accurate readings and functioning correctly. The HVAC technician may also advise you to get a programmable thermostat if you have an outdated one.

With a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature depending on the time of day or your schedule. This can significantly lower your energy costs and result in improved AC efficiency.

5. Seals Leaking Ducts

Ducts deliver conditioned air throughout your home. However, if you have leaking ducts, your home may lose up to 30% of its conditioned air. This can result in high cooling costs and reduced comfort. During preventative maintenance, an HVAC technician will check for and seal any duct leakage in the system, ensuring your AC works efficiently.

Schedule Spring AC Maintenance

A properly functioning AC unit is integral to keeping your home comfortable. If you want to keep your AC in tip-top shape throughout the year, call Elite Climate Control Heat and Air to learn more about our HVAC maintenance agreements.