A view of an air conditioner condenser unit in the backyard of a home.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Cooling System as Efficient as Possible

Before long, the scorching temperatures of the Jonesboro, AR summer will be rolling in. To keep yourself and your family comfortable, you’ll probably need to have the AC cranked up over the next few months. However, there is one problem. If your household cooling system is operating with subpar energy efficiency, your monthly electricity costs will go through the roof. There’s no need to panic, though. As a homeowner, there are measures you can take to improve the performance and efficiency of your AC unit. If you’re proactive about doing so, you’ll not only save money on energy, but your cooling system will also be healthier.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Staying on top of scheduled maintenance is perhaps the most beneficial thing you can do for your cooling system. On average, AC units that receive professional maintenance every year will last five years longer than those that don’t. When you schedule one of these tune-ups, your technician will clean out your air conditioner and inspect it for any mechanical issues. If they encounter signs of a current or imminent problem, they may be able to nip it in the bud before it starts to cause trouble.

A consistently maintained cooling unit will do a better job of controlling the climate, use less energy, and be far less likely to break down. For such an affordable service, those are a lot of excellent benefits.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Dirty air ducts can be very problematic for the efficiency, health, and performance of your cooling system. Those ducts are the pathways for your air conditioner to circulate cool air around your home. However, when they get packed full of dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and even mold, those pathways can become obstructed. As a result, your HVAC system has to increase its pressure just to force enough air through them. In addition to being bad for the equipment, this results in lots of wasted energy. Scheduling occasional duct cleanings can ensure that you never encounter such an issue.

Replace the Air Filter

As your AC unit’s air filter catches contaminants, it will gradually grow dirtier and dirtier until it eventually becomes clogged. When your cooling system has a clogged air filter, it makes it much more difficult for the equipment to pull air through and circulate it around your home. If you make a habit of replacing the filter every month or so, your air conditioner will be much more efficient, and you’ll be much more comfortable.

Local Cooling Experts You Can Trust

Like any appliance, if you treat your cooling system well, it will reward you with wonderful results. If you want to get the best possible performance and efficiency from yours, you simply must be willing to invest a bit of time, money, and care into its well-being. When you’re ready to schedule that tune-up or you need any other heating or cooling service, give us a call at Elite Climate Control Heat and Air. If you’re in the greater Jonesboro area, we’ll do anything we can to keep your home comfortable and functional.