Sign That Your Air Conditioner Is Not Working Efficiently

Your home’s air conditioner accounts for almost 75% of your household energy consumption in the summer months. Knowing that it becomes even more evident that it is essential to keep the system functioning as energy-efficiently as possible. But then you wonder how to know when your AC requires a little TLC and care. The items below are indications that the system is not performing at its peak and could use some attention.

Ever Climbing Utility Bills

The very reason that you are looking for ways to increase your AC efficiency could be the hint that it needs service, a tune-up, or cleaning. When your electric bill continues to grow each month, there is a good possibility that the price increase is due to the decline of your air conditioner. As the system ages, it becomes less energy efficient. And if it has not been professionally cleaned and tuned up in a few years, you see the signs that old age is taking its toll. Call in a pro to service the unit and determine if it can be repaired to increase efficiency and save you some hard-earned cash.

Constant Cycling

If you notice that the AC is constantly turning on, running for a minute or two, and then shutting off, there is a problem. This is also called short cycling. In most cases, the issue lies in the thermostat and can be easily corrected with a replacement. It is also wise to consider installing a programmable thermostat that will help you maximize both your heating and cooling dollars. If left unaddressed, the short cycling will substantially shorten your AC equipment’s life and make your house very hot and uncomfortable.

Ice On The Compressor

If you ever see ice on your AC equipment, it is a sign that it needs help immediately. The ice lets you know that there is a leak in the coolant line or damage to the coils. The coolant line is a closed system and should never need to be topped off or have coolant added unless it develops a leak. 

Many fly-by-night service companies will tell you that you need more coolant and charge a hefty fee to add some. Unfortunately, the system will only cool for a short time because the new coolant will continue to leak. So their next visit will consist of a hard sell to try and get you to buy a new AC unit.

The reliable and straightforward fix is often a small repair to the coil or coolant line, then new coolant. While ice on your AC might not seem like a severe issue at first, it can be very costly unless you call an HVAC professional immediately.

Strange Noise

All of the systems and appliances in your home have their sounds. In most homes, the residents don’t even notice the dishwasher’s hum or the whir as the AC system turns on. So when you suddenly hear an odd banging, rattling, or grinding sound from your AC system, shut it down immediately. 

Typically, these sounds let you know that something is broken. And if you let the system continue to run, more parts will get damaged. So the intelligent and cost-effective action is to call in a professional.

When you notice any of these signs that your AC is not working at its peak, call (870) 273-8056. The Elite Climate Control Heat & Air experts are here to assist you 24/7. We will arrive quickly to determine is malfunctioning and then precisely what repair is required to fix it. And all of our work comes backed with a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind.