Signs That You Need To Schedule An AC Tune-Up

The fun and excitement of summer are in full swing. But that also means that the heat and humidity are here for the season. And unless your AC is working at its peak, you could be in for a few miserable months. If you have noticed anything that seems odd about your AC’s function, there is nothing you can do as a homeowner but call in the pros for an inspection and AC tune-up. But the great news is that most minor issues can be repaired quickly and cost-effectively. That only leaves you with one question. What are the signs that my AC needs a tune-up?

Little Or No Air Flow

Does it feel like the air in your home is just hanging? There is no air movement, and there is no cold air circulating throughout your home. There should be no reason for you to have a series of fans set up in your home to try and move the cool air and create a comfortable space to relax or eat a meal.

There could be many issues causing this lack of airflow, from a clog in the ductwork to an issue with the fan. But one thing is for sure. You cannot survive the summer without properly functioning air conditioning. So call for an AC tune-up and know that your home will soon be cool and comfortable again.

Skyrocketing Utility Bills

If your electric bill is climbing as fast as the thermometer outside, it is time to call in a professional. Most air conditioners begin to cool less efficiently when they need some basic attention. However, most homeowners turn the thermostat down a few degrees and ignore their AC’s cry for help. The result is a less comfortable home and some astronomical electric bills. Make the smart move and call in the pros for a tune-up.

Banging, Rattling, Or Squealing

While all AC systems make a few sounds when they operate, you should never hear what would be considered noise. A gentle hum or a noticeable sound as the unit turns on and off is acceptable. But sounds like loud rattling, banging, or other commotion are indications that something is loose or broken. And if it is not corrected quickly, it will lead to more damage and costly repairs. Avoid that chain reaction of damage and call for an AC tune-up.

One Room Is Hot, But One Room Is Cold

If your house is like the one Goldie Locks visited in the Three Bears story, something is wrong. All of the rooms in your home should be the same, comfortable temperature. There should not be any rooms that are too hot or too cold. Call in an expert for an AC tune-up to get to the bottom of the inconsistent temperatures.

An Unexplained Pungent Odor

Your home’s AC system provides more than just cool air. It is also tasked with managing the humidity level. So when you notice an odd odor in your home, it could be mold in the AC unit and ductwork. This situation requires immediate attention from a certified AC expert. If left uncorrected, the mold can infest your home and begin to cause serious health issues for you, your loved ones, and even your pets.

If you have noticed any of these issues, call (870) 273-8056 to schedule an AC tune-up. The certified professionals from Elite Climate Control Heating & Air will arrive promptly and examine your entire AC system. We will clean and service all of the equipment and provide you with a detailed list of any issues we discover and options for correcting them.